Things to Do in Duluth

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When hunger strikes and you're ready to explore the local cuisine, we've got you covered. Just flash your Duluth Press Building reservation at OMC, Duluth Grill, Corktown Deli, or Burger Paradox. They'll treat you like a VIP and whisk you straight to the top of the list!

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The Lincoln Park Craft District is a treasure trove for every shopper. You’ve got Frost River creating timeless canvas packs, from handbags to canoe bags. Duluth Pottery showcases some of the area’s finest ceramics and art. Free Air Life Co. is the go-to spot for the fashionable adventurer’s clothing needs, and there’s so much more to discover! After you fall in love with the cookware in your Duluth Press kitchen, you can shop for all of these items at Goat Hill Marketplace. Goat Hill is also a fantastic spot to find local and handmade items from vintage goods to craft supplies, it’s a shopper’s paradise. For local products, check out Minnesconsin Merch.

Family Activities

Lincoln Park is an ideal spot for a family day out! With a protected bike lane, exploring the neighborhood on foot or bike is a breeze (when it’s not snowing, of course). You can enjoy a leisurely ride along Superior Street, suitable for all ages and abilities. Don’t forget to take a break and enjoy some local takeout at the picnic spot on the corner of Superior Street and 19th Avenue West.

Visit the Duluth Children’s Museum as it is quite the wonderland for kids! It’s a place where imagination and education intertwine. Located at 2125 W Superior St, it’s a short drive from your location. The museum offers a range of hands-on exhibits designed to engage children and spark their curiosity. From science and culture to arts and crafts, there’s something for every young explorer. The museum also hosts special events and programs, making each visit a unique experience.

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